Wexford General Hospital Visited By Health Minister

Wexford General Hospital Visited By Health MinisterIt has been recently revealed in a report that Dr. James Reily, the Minister for Health has visited the Wexford General Hospital. This was as a part of the tour being done by the health minister to many hospitals in the country. It was revealed by the deputy Paul Kehoe that there have been a number of hospitals visited by Minster Reilly and the tour is near its completion.

It was on Friday that the visits to the St. John’s Hospital in Enniscorthy and the Wexford General Hospital were made by Minister Reilly were made. It was further added that the reason for these visits was to actually look at the kind of services being provided to the people and how the public service retirement schemes, which are to be incorporated soon, shall affect the scenario of operations at these hospitals.

“Lily Byrnes assured the Minister that Wexford General is a very safe hospital and it will continue as such and they (the staff) are able to manage in the very same manner”, said Deputy Kehoe. It was further added that there are no further appointments to be made in the Wexford General after the retirement of about 30 staff members, and that the current staff is going to work towards completing the shortfall and working to attend to the needs of the patients.

There was a time of 90 minutes that Minister Reilly spent at the hospital and also took a look at the new plans that have been formed for dealing with the Maternity and the Accident and Emergency departments.

It remains to be seen what sort of impact the new system of management will have on these hospitals and whether they can be of any real benefit to the people.


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