Apple in More Trademark Wars

AppleIt has been recently revealed in a report that Apple, the IT giant has got into a trademark tiff with a Proview International Holdings ltd. They are currently eyeing to sell their tablet computer in China and these trademark wars have made them think twice. They are of the view that using the Ipad trademark shall tend to have a negative impact on the brand and the trust of the consumers.

There have been negotiations done with the firm Proview which led to an agreement in the year 2009, when the firm had sold the name ipad to Apple. This was been revealed in a hearing by the lawyers of the firm, at the case being discussed at the Higher People’s Court situated in Guangdong in China.

“Personnel may have multiple roles or titles within the group, but the question is in what capacity were they acting?” The agreement makes it clear they were acting on behalf of Proview Taiwan”, said Xiao Caiyuan, representing Proview in the hearing in the court.

It was in the year 2010 that Apple sued Proview Shenzhen, making the claim that it has ownership of the ipad trademark and runs under the same name in 10 different counties.

In the era of cut throat competition in the IT market, there are changes occurring at every step, and there is need for all firms to be able to adapt well with these changes. There is need for effective steps to be taken by these firms to stop this row before it tends to have a negative impact on the brand which has a huge reputation to maintain. It shall be revealed in the time to come, how the events turn out to be for both of them.