Lifestyle Factors Can Cause Cancer

Lifestyle Factors Can Cause CancerAn Australian research has revealed that lifestyle factors are the proven causes of cancer. The research, which has been published in the medical journal ‘The Lancet Oncology’, has revealed that media focuses on any of the factors that are said to cause cancer.

Earlier, it was said that chemicals present in eatables cause cancer, and later the attention shifted towards consumer products. However, Professor Bernard Stewart, of the University of New South Wales, has made it clear in the research that lifestyle factors are the leading cause of cancer.

A lot of recommendations were given to improve lifestyle conduct but whenever a new cause of cancer holds attention of media and public, every effort to improve lifestyle factors go in vain. Some of the common lifestyle factors which cause cancer are alcohol, smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and over exposure of sun.

Some of the recommendations given time and again to improve lifestyle behavior are to avoid natural and artificial sun tan which can cause melanoma cancer, and help is given to quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake which can cause lung cancer. Fitness programmes, increased physical activity schedules and healthy food eating habit are some of the things which are recommended for people who suffer from obesity.

“Measures known to prevent cancer include smoking cessation, reducing alcohol intake, curbing obesity and avoiding deliberate sun exposure. Diverting attention from these messages threatens to undermine their efficacy to deliver proven benefits”, said Stewart.

There are many reasons which can cause cancer but nothing has replaced the severity of lifestyle factors as of now. Air pollution causes lung cancer, but its risk to cause is 10 times less than that of smoking. So, it’s important that people should make changes in their daily life and then focus on other things.


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