Raw Milk Is Highly Infectious

Raw Milk Is Highly InfectiousIt has been recently revealed that raw milk is a source of infection. Drinking raw milk has been frowned upon since a long time now, but the actual height of risk of the same is sometimes unknown to people. In a recent study conducted, it has been revealed that raw milk is about 150 times more harmful than pasteurized milk, according to exact figures.

This has been revealed in a report by the Center for Disease Control. They are of the view that unpasteurized milk is extremely harmful and has led to a number of illness cases in the past. This is the reason there is need for banning the use of unpasteurized milk in the time to come.

What is even worse is that the ill effects of this type of milk are seen commonly in children and people that are below the age of 20 years. This makes it all the more important to set certain safety measures so that they can be safeguarded from the effects of raw milk.

The reason why raw milk is so dangerous is that it has the presence of different types of bacteria in it, which tend to upset the digestive system of the consumers. It is essential that there is some sort of a ban placed on consuming any type of raw milk. There are many states that have already banned the sale of unpasteurized milk in the same wake.

"Restricting the sale of raw milk products is likely to reduce the number of outbreaks and can help keep people healthier", said Robert Tauxe, Deputy Director of the CDC's Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases.


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