Research Upon Honey Challenged By National Beekeepers Association

HoneyResearchers’ new findings suggesting people to consume lesser honey or to avoid eating honey, has been challenged by the National Beekeepers Association, which says that honey is a natural sweetener and thus it should not be considered as an unhealthy option.

Researchers from the University of Otago have recently published a list of 49 foods and drinks including crackers, tinned fruit, muesli, marmalade and honey which, according to them contains high number of calories and lesser essential nutrients and thus must be avoided.

Researcher Jane Elmslie (one of the researchers) said that the list has been put only to detail and clarify about the food items, which people can avoid.

Dr. Elmslie further supported the findings of the study by saying that New Zealand has approx 63% population, which is obese or overweight, thus it becomes essential for the people to learn from these guidelines, which food they can avoid to help them lose weight.

But statements from researchers are not at all supported by the Beekeepers Association, whose Chief Executive Mr. Daniel Paul has recently challenged the findings of the researchers and said honey is not at all unhealthy for consumption.

Mr. Paul further added in his statement that honey and sugar are both different sweeteners (honey being more healthy and natural) because it retains minerals and vitamins that serve the body with health benefits and no harm.

Moreover, honey also helps in building the immune system of a person and serves like a natural energy booster.

Mr. Paul said that the research has potentially damaged the industry's reputation by listing honey in the list of non-essential foods, which was released in an effort of the researchers to curb the country's ever-expanding waistline.


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