Researchers Present New iOS-linked Tongue Drive System at IEEE Conference

Tongue-Drive-SystemTechnology is really changing gadgets from impersonal to life-changing one.

Reports have confirmed that a team of researchers is presently working to introduce a new Tongue Drive System, which is basically an iOS-controlled wireless device that can help a paralyzed patient to help himself in his work.

Researchers at the US-based University Georgia Tech are currently working upon a Tongue Drive System, which, according to them, will help the patients suffering from spinal cord injuries to enjoy and maintain their full control upon their own gadget and will also help them become efficiently potential to do their jobs.

It is a known truth that patients suffering from ALS or high-level spinal-cord injuries have to rely on the old sip-and-puff technology to operate their wheelchairs and computers but what if this operation of wheelchairs and similar devices is made far less conspicuous. Yes, Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a prototype dental retainer, which can allow the user to simply get his work done by issuing a command.

But this retainer can only serve those patients, who can get their tongues pierced. Scientists have added in their research that this small retainer is fitted along the roof of the mouth, following which the Tongue Drive System starts using sensors and track the movement of a tiny magnet as is commanded by the user's tongue. This procedure further allows the user to issue commands with his tongue pointing in different directions.

The newly researched prototype has been presented by the researchers at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference that was held in San Francisco this week.

"By moving the sensors inside the mouth, we have created a Tongue Drive System with increased mechanical stability and comfort that is nearly unnoticeable", Mr. Maysam Ghovanloo, an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, said in a statement.


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