Legality of Patenting an Idea under Scanner

Legality of Patenting an Idea under Scanner    It seems that nothing is more common than hearing news about patent. The concept of protecting ideas and developments has gone so out of the box that now every single company has been found to be filing a patent case against other company.

Recently, Cancer Voices Australia has filed a legal case against Myriad Genetics and has also challenged a patent owned by them of gene mutations. This case has raised question that as to which things can be patented on what basis and how other companies can challenge other organization patents.

Myriad uses its patent to cover testing methods in regard to gene mutations. If any other company has to conduct tests in regard to gene mutations then they have to ask Myriad first. They cannot perform any test without Myriad’s permission.

Experts are of the view that many organizations use patents even to cover the idea which is still in their minds. Although it is being claimed by various organizations that an idea can be patented, there are still uncertainty over it as laws doesn’t approve it.

The patent claims made by Myriad actually don’t hold ground as there has not been an incident in which an organization has been allowed to get its idea patented. Patents are provided to the organizations or individuals who have come up with a brilliant mechanism that holds potential of bringing revolution in a particular field.

Generally, a company aims at getting too many patents as they help in improving the market position of its products. It is believed that Myriad has used the same strategy and has got its idea patented. Last year, many firms including Google acquired many patents by spending as many as $US12.5 billion. However, it is yet to be disclosed by the authorities concerned whether or not ideas can be patented.


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