Vemurafenib: A New Drug To Improve the Rate of Melanoma Patients Survival

 A New Drug To Improve the Rate of Melanoma Patients SurvivalRecently, a new cancer drug has been discovered by some of the experienced regulators in the US and Australia. After several studies and experiments, this drug vemurafenib, is said to be the first treatment for treating advance stage melanoma.

It was last year, when this drug showed a considerable reduction in the number of patients dying from cancer. It helped in stopping or shrinking the growth of cancer.

This research has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine and it is the first evidence to state the enormous success of vemurafenib resulting into a noteworthy extension to lifespan.

In general, when the cancer spreads in rest parts of a body, then the patients suffering from melanoma tends to survive for maximum six to ten months. According to this study, when such patients are treated with vemurafenib, their lifespan increases to approximately 16 months or may be above in some cases. By the end of this study, around one-quarter of the patients were alive after getting this drug immunization.

As seen from the report, among a total of 132 patients, 14% did not responded at all. Well, there were some who did much better and in fact 2 of them were alive for next 20 months.

This drug vemurafenib is also known as Zelboraf. Few other investigators from Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) and 12 other centres of United States and Australia also participated in this trial and found that this drug on average basis succeeded in making an impressive survival of nearly 16 month.

As said by study's US and Australian authors, from institutions including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, the University of Newcastle, and the Westmead Institute for Cancer Research and the Melanoma Institute Australia, “the findings provide critical information on long-term overall survival as a result of the drug”.


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