AVN Wins Case against HCCC

AVN Wins Case against HCCCIn today’s verdict, the NSW Supreme Court has announced that the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) does not have any judiciary right to issue a public warning against the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN).

The AVN was asked to put a public warning on its website by the HCCC. But the AVN took the help of court to get the justice. Following an investigation and thorough review over the case the court decided that the HCCC doesn’t have any right to ask the AVN to issue a public warning.

It has been reported that a couple complained that their daughter succumbed to death because of whooping cough and asked the authorities of the HCCC to launch an investigation on AVN. Following the investigation, the HCCC contacted the AVN but the AVN didn’t respond to them.

Later on in the month of October, the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) alleged the group of hiding essential information from the public which affected the status enjoyed by the group.

In order to protect its reputation, the AVN took the help of court and lodged a complaint against the HCCC. The AVN alleged that the action taken by the HCCC has directly affected the fundraising capacity of the group.

The AVN website aims at imparting information about the vaccination. It guides people as to what medications should be taken in certain illness. But the death of a child because of whooping cough caused havoc as the parents alleged of taking the help of the website and getting their child cured.

The website is run by Meryl Dorey. It has been informed that several newsletter, campaigns and websites are being run by Meryl Dorey, which aims at and promoting the use of homeopathy to prevent disease.


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