Eating Disorders Need To Be Taken Seriously

Dennis-RobertsonEating disorders are something that people tend to ignore considering that girls and women these days tend to be eating less to maintain a slim figure. The fact is that eating disorders like anorexia nervosa are a very serious problem and there is need for attention to be paid in this regard by the government.

In a report, MSP Dennis Robertson, a politician has recently revealed how he lost his daughter Caroline, 18- years –old, to this eating disorder. This calls for further awareness drives to be launched to make more and more people aware about the same and help in fighting these disorders that tend to ebb away the health and life of the society.

“Two days before she died, I promised her I would stand. At the time, we thought she was on the road to recovery. This is Eating Disorder Week and Saturday will be the first anniversary of Caroline’s death”, revealed Mr. Robertson.

He further revealed that he wants to focus upon making people aware and prepared to fight the disorder because of the personal brunt he has had to bear due to the same.

He and his entire family are of the view that there is need for more work to be done to make people aware about the disorder and help them realize how important it is for them to eat healthy and nutritious food.

People need to understand that the symptoms of the disease shouldn’t be ignored and there is need for seeking help for the same as soon as the symptoms are witnessed.

He revealed how he and his wife, Ann has felt helpless and devastated when they couldn’t do anything to help their daughter suffering from the same disease.


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