Facelift Does Not Provide Great Benefits

FaceliftA recent study, which has been appeared in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, has revealed that people these days are more interested in following the trend of facelift, rather than knowing about its real effect.

Generally, people undergo facelift surgeries to look younger and to have a toned skin. However, no one has have bothered to assess the real difference. In order to know the truth, a group of researchers from the University of Toronto conducted an experiment.

They asked their 40 medical students to evaluate photos of people who have undergone cosmetic surgeries like face lifts, forehead lifts and eyelid work. In total, there were 60 photos to assess and evaluation of before, and after photos revealed that people looks one to two years younger after undergoing face lift surgeries.

The research has broken the myth that facelift makes one look eight to nine years younger, said Nitin Chauhan, of the University of Toronto. He further affirmed that there are different objectives in the mind of people when they opt to undergo a facelift surgery.

This is the reason that not many people bother about the outcome. “Although motivations for aesthetic surgery may vary, a prevailing concept includes the desire to achieve a more youthful appearance while maintaining one’s unique attributes and identifying characteristics. Given these expectations, a mean 7.2-year reduction in perceived age is indeed consistent with this goal”, said Nitin.

It has also been revealed that among all the 60 patients, whose pictures were evaluated were women and were between 45 and 72 years old. It clearly shows that the facelift trend is prevalent in women than in men. However, Nitin said that the benefit derived was quiet less than expectations.


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