Pharmacists Demand Payment for Medicine Recall

Pharmacists Demand Payment for Medicine Recall A lot many incidences happen when medicines are being recalled due to different reasons. In that crisis, pharmacists are the ones who help drug manufacturer to recall the drug. They now have been asking drug companies to pay the payment for medicine call.

Recently, Johnson Pharmacy has asked GlaxoSmithKline to pay for its work, which they have done during the time when the company recalled its anti-coagulant Marevan in January 2010. Its one batch had more Warfarin than recommended value.

GlaxoSmithKline said that they are not going to pay a single penny for it as it was their moral duty. They further affirmed that it should be independent call that whether or not one needs to pay pharmacist company or not.

The matter was taken to court in which a District Court judge told the Pharmacy Guild that the drug manufacturer should pay respectable amount to Johnson Pharmacy for its hard work during recall activity.

"GSK told the court that IJPL would be treated as a test case. This means that other pharmacies could rely on the decision for their own payment”, said the Guild's Chief Executive, Annabel Young. He further affirmed that no company can do such kind of injustice. They are going to take up the matter with the Ministry of Health.

The government should take an appropriate action and should not accept such kind of behavior from any medicine company. Pharmacists make a lot of effort at the time of recall action, said Young.

If they would not have supported the drug company at the right and the most needed time then the drug manufacturer would have been facing a law suit or might have been suffering jail imprisonment for such negligence.


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