Parvo Disease Creates Pandemic in Auckland and Wellington

Parvo Disease Creates Pandemic in Auckland and Wellington  As per recent reports, it has been recently revealed that dog virus Parvo disease has spread as an epidemic in Auckland and Wellington. Increasing Parvo disease cases at both the places has led Taranaki vets to pass on the warning about the dog virus.

The disease is not new to the place as in 2010 also the virus turned out to be a pandemic in South Taranaki. Official reports have revealed that in last week, four dogs have been treated for the disease. However, many of the dogs have been put down as their owners are not able to bear the cost of the treatment.

Vet Robert O'Connor, from the New Plymouth Vet Group, told that the disease is passed into dogs through their infected feces. The infection causes dogs suffer from fever, diarrhea and vomiting. The disease is only found in dogs, and mature pets as well as puppies are greater risk to suffer from it.

Robert said that there is no doubt that treatment of Parvo disease is costly. A single dose of medicine for the infection will cost between $500 and $1000. However, the cost is quite more than average treatment cost, which is nearly about $50.

"We are concerned, we definitely don't want to see large numbers because it is incredibly expensive to treat those dogs to try to save them and there is no absolute treatment”, said he. This is the reason that they want that authorities concerned should take an action soon.

Brian Dixon, who is small animal manager of Taranaki Veterinary Centre, was of the view that generally people belonging to lower- socio economic group put down their dogs. Therefore, they want that these people should be allowed to have subsidized treatments for their dogs.


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