All Researches To Be Accessible?

All Researches To Be Accessible?It has been recently revealed in a report that the National Health and Medical Research Council have collaborated with a number of international companies that indulge in health research, which are both philanthropic as well as governmental for the purpose of doing enough research and development in the required fields in the time to come.

It was announced by the CEO of NHMRC, Mr. Warwick Anderson that those paying for the research in ways of donations or taxes, shall have full access to the material that has been researched.

“The HNMRC has updated its policy on open access to published research, aligning us to with the practices of other international health and medical research funders such as the UN National Institutes of Health, the UK Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust”, he said further.

It was further revealed by a spokesperson for the NHMRC, that these new norms shall be incorporated towards the mid- year and the details of the same still need to be discussed in the time to come.

In the same wake, as many as 7000 researchers have become a part of this boycott. For the same, the organization is going to considerable sum of money for the purpose of further research and development. There is need for an effective middle way to be found in this situation so that one and all have equal right and benefits.

The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council is of the view that the funded research is going to made available for the public view in the time to come. America has a different view about the matter and they are standing in opposition to this demand. It remains to be seen what the turn of events is like in the near future.


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