Girl’s Death Troubles Doctor, Inquest Informed

RandwickAs per recent reports, it has come to light that a doctor who was part of a team formulated for treating a preschooler girl who later died at a Sydney hospital has claimed that he is repeatedly disturbed by the death of the girl, but he admitted that he would not have done something different.

In this regard, a Glebe Coroners Court was informed by Dr. Hari Ravindranathan that whatever transpired with Chanel Costa and family was nothing less than “absolutely devastating”.

While expressing his views regarding the entire issue, along with mentioning the deep state of the team which was not able to do anything different that could have perhaps saved the life of the girl, the doctor said: “When these kinds of situations happen, you are haunted by it," he said today. You try to look back to see if there was anything else you could have done to change the outcome”.

He further added that it also has a world of things to do with trying to spot some sort of sensible explanation on account of closure for her family and also for the entire group of medics involved in the process.

The doctor, who is working as a consultant at the Randwick, Sydney-based Children's Hospital, was providing evidence during the course of an inquest organized into the death case of the four-year-old girl who died at the hospital earlier on July 18, 2008.

The inquest was further informed that the girl Chanel was rushed to Nepean hospital after she started showing a temperature of 39.5 degrees on July 15, along with suffering a number of acute seizures. Her condition, as per the team of doctors, was deteriorating rapidly and she was therefore transferred to the Randwick hospital.


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