Controversy Not Influential Enough to Spoil Firm Turnout at Komen Race

Controversy Not Influential Enough to Spoil Firm Turnout at Komen RaceAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that the verdict by Susan G. Komen which was meant for introducing the Cure to cut, followed by a variety of later restore, granting for Planned Parenthood hardly seemed influential enough in disturbing the buoyancy of turnout on Sunday.

The massive crowd was there for the first ever Race for the Cure fundraiser for breast cancer which was organized for the first time ever since the disagreement started earlier during the month.

Organizers from El Paso, Texas, claimed in this regard that in excess of 11,000 participants took part in the event by donning running shoes as well as a number of signature pink T-shirts meant for racing and walking for Komen, the largest breast cancer charity in the world, a turnout of around 11,500 or thereabout was recorded during the event held last year.

The El Paso occasion was the first ever for the nonprofit firm ever since the argument came into being due to its verdict for cutting down the funding being provided to women's health organization named “Planned Parenthood”.

The national tumult pushed the charity into a world of debates and disputes of the polarizing aspects of the nation on abortion, and is also providing a deep sense of threat to protest at the fundraiser in Komen's which led the Race for the Cure firm to rapidly reverse the said direction.

While expressing his opinion regarding the entire issue, along with mentioning what all pros and cons it can have in the time to follow, a 41-year-old safety and environmental manager, Fernie Ramirez, said: “I heard about it and read several articles about it but, quite honestly, as far as me participating in this event, it wasn't a problem”.


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