A Pioneer Lost

A Pioneer LostIn a recent report, it was revealed that Professor Gerry O’ Sullivan, who passed away last Sunday, aged 65, was one of the greatest cancer researchers the world has ever seen. He was a consultant at the Cancer Research Centre situated in Cork, and he breathed his last at the Mercy University Hosptial.

He was a great man who contributed towards the field of research and development in Cancer research; he dedicated his life and career towards being able to find a cure for the disease. He was married to Breda and was blessed with a beautiful family of three children. It was further revealed that the Cancer Research Centre in the year 1999 was developed by Professor O’ Sullivan. This organization was built for the various functions of spreading awareness among people about the disease and being able to put together medical excellence to find an able cure for the disease.

He discovered many truths about the disease and was able to help many people with the able modes of treatment he suggested for the same. He was also a part of the collaborative studies done with his colleagues at the Queens University Belfast, Yale University, and the RCS Glasgow and so on.

His death has surely come as a major loss to the medical and scientific community of the world. He was a part of many major programs for spreading awareness and being able to find effective strains of treatment for the disease that kills thousands of people each year.

He had even received a number of prestigious awards for his enormous contribution in the field of research and development. He shall forever be cherished and remembered as a pioneer to modern day treatment of cancer.


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