Ex-Sun CEO Gives New Website “CareZone” to the Masses

Ex-Sun CEO Gives New Website “CareZone” to the MassesJonathan Schwartz, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems Inc. who stopped serving the company two years back, is again surfacing but at a quite smaller stage.

Silicon Valley's most prominent chief executive officer, in his statement, has announced today about his debut of CareZone, a website where family members can get in touch with health care workers to share information and knowledge about any aging or ill persons in their relation.

Mr. Schwartz has spent approximately $2 million from his own pocket to serve people with the CareZone website that will solve users' queries with help of its seven employees, and people can anytime get in touch with employees of the website to discuss about the health of their parents, spouse or children.

Mr. Schwartz further added in his statement that he always wanted to take good care of older people and had a very strong desire to do a business, but different from what Sun is offering.

His desire has today resulted in the launch of CareZone.

Schwartz, 46, has his parents in their 80s and is residing in California with them. "You find yourself having to care for someone else. The amount of time I wanted to spend on golf courses talking about server consolidation -- those days are gone. In the enterprise space today, switching costs off their existing systems are near-infinite. The innovation has really slowed down", he said.

Schwartz became the CEO of Sun in the year 2006. The company faced huge losses which even deepened by January 2010, and the company was finally sold to Oracle for $7.3 billion, confirms the data compiled by Bloomberg.

This new venture of CareZone has bought out by Schwartz with its co-founder, Mr. Walter Smith, who is not only a longtime friend and college mate of Schwartz, but was also a developer of Apple Inc.'s Newton handheld computer in the early 90s.


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