Apple in Legal Battle With Proview

Apple in Legal Battle With ProviewWith March approaching, Apple has brought its next generation iPad once again but it seems that the company's latest business could see some little delays as a trademark dispute is ongoing in China after a Chinese firm on Wednesday filed for a custom ban with local authorities. As a result, Apple has been restricted from importing or exporting its tablets.

Few details of the filing got cleared when Mr. Ma Dongxiao, the lawyer for display vendor Proview Technology (the company which filed for the ban), said that his firm has filed a request with the country's custom offices, following which Apple has no rights to import or export its tablet from the country. Though no more details are yet out, Apple has definitely lost power to move its next generation tablet's shipments.

"We feel that Apple is infringing on the iPad trademark", he said, adding that the company's goal was to stop shipments of Apple's next generation iPad. Proview and Apple's so-called legal battle will soon decide which company gets the special rights for iPad trademark in China.

Similar incidence happened last year in December when a Shenzhen court rejected Apple's claims to the trademark, and the company's iPad sales were found at risk of facing legal action in the country.

Apple has its major market in China as the country has numerous factories which produce the company's products in massive quantities.

Allowing custom ban says that the company has lost all its power to import the iPad tablets to the country. As far as exports are concerned, they are not affected much with a custom ban, says Mr. Stan Abrams, an intellectual property lawyer and Professor at Beijing's Central University of Finance and Economics.


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