Shyness Can Lead You to Mental illness, Claim Researchers

Shyness Can Lead You to Mental illness, Claim ResearchersFrequent mood swings, eccentric romantics, meek oddballs, and a variety of other aspects like frequent and persistent feeling of loneliness, shyness, anxiety and sadness can seriously lead you to troubles my dear. Experts have expressed that in case these symptoms are spotted in a person then there are fairly high chances for them to be diagnosed for a variety of mental ailments.

Especially, in case proposals for including some novel aspects to the most commonly used psychiatric bible of the world goes ahead.

The situation is persistently getting a pain in the neck for authorities from all over the world. An extensive revision carried out earlier over the 1994 “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, the fifth version of which has been scheduled for publication during the next year, is resulting in creation of a deep sense of panic and apprehension on account of extending psychiatric diagnoses for millions of individuals who are regarded as normal at present.

An appeal filed in order to suggest the new manual distributed by US psychologists went on to grab a massive 11,000 signatures. On the other hand, its precursor, the famous DSM-4 employed in a number of researches all over the world, has exerted a fair amount of influence.

For an instance, it is used excessively in naming different situations on which a variety of drugs are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

While expressing his opinion regarding the entire issue, University of Liverpool’s Head of Institute of Psychology and professor of clinical psychology, Peter Kinderman, said that carrying out a revision on this aspect “could only make a bad system worse”. The diagnostic measure, which is basically a tick-box catalogue of indications that can pave the way for a specific label, had forever been “hugely problematic”, he said.