Windows 8 On The Block

Windows 8It has been recently revealed that the IT giant Microsoft has unveiled a new teaser site, which is going to have the red beta, and shall display the much publicized Windows 8 Public Beta. There is now going to be a new beta fish seen on the screen. There are other added features such as a ‘hotspot’ area near the FAQ section, about the latest consumer preview of the windows 8.

It has been further revealed that the firm shall launch the official Windows 8 consumer preview in a few weeks time, together with a sneak peak of the fly loaded Windows store. With these new features, the consumers shall now be able to download and install the Metro theme applications for free. It has also been said that the paid versions of the same will not be made public, until, the official launch of the Microsoft 8 for sale, which is expected to occur by the fall of this year.

With the cut throat competition prevailing in the software market this season, each company is trying to make a mark in the minds of the consumers, giving new and exciting features and that too with exciting offers. It remains to be seen, however, what sort of response the newest version of windows makes in the minds of the users. People have been devotedly using windows versions since time immemorial, and currently, most people are using the latest versions of the Windows 7.
It is essential for the firm to make sure that the newer version is serving more exciting features to be public and they have new tricks up their sleeve this time, because with time, people are becoming more and more demanding in the technology field.


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