Cancer Awareness Would Help in Early Diagnosis

DiagnosisIt has been revealed in a recent report that a drug named abiraterone could extend the lives of patients suffering from advanced prostate cancer. The report says that the drug is being promoted by medical insurance companies in the UK on the evidence that it helps to treat prostate cancer at final stage also.

The report has unveiled that number of people suffering from different types of cancer has been increasing at an alarming rate over time. Also, the report by the World Cancer Research Fund has been challenging the NHS of how it would plan the future cancer services.

It is being said that there is no proper cure found for treating cancer as yet and it is the most difficult task to fight the evil. Besides, patients who end up with their treatments for cancer also suffer from emotional as well as varied other health problems for long time. Awareness programs should be held in order to give more chances to early diagnosis and make the long-term survival of patients possible.

As per the report, a drug known as abiraterone is found to be highly effective for men who are in the final stages of prostate cancer. However, some cancer charities are opposing the same but, it has been found that abiraterone that costs £3,000 allows patients of prostate cancer to survive for long.

It has further been revealed that the dug is being offered to the NHS at a discounted price, which is said to be unjustified. "We are therefore disappointed not to be able to recommend it for use on the NHS, however it is an expensive drug", said Sir Andrew Dillon, the chief executive of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).