Novel Facts about Alzheimer’s Unveiled

Novel Facts about Alzheimer’s UnveiledTwo researches have revealed a novel thing about Alzheimer's disease. It has been unveiled that a distorted protein known as Tau is responsible for spreading the disease from one part of the brain to other.

Initially, it was thought that some bacteria or virus is responsible for spreading the disease, but two recent researches have revealed that it is a protein which spreads the disease in the brain. Both the studies were being done independently by researchers at the Columbia and Harvard universities.

Another thing that got revealed through the researches was the pathway adopted by the protein to spread the diseases which robs away a person's memory. Tau filled cells first attacks a small part of the brain which is responsible for memories. Then it starts spreading to other parts of the body.

Both the researchers conducted lab experiment on mice to know the exact pathway of the spread. There were two options to choose from. One was that tau cells transmit the disease from one neuron to other neuron. Second pathway was that disease gets transmitted from one nerve cell to other nerve cell in which one part of the brain gets more affected than other parts.

The disclosure would help medical fraternity to find treatment for Alzheimer's disease. One of the suggested way is, "The most effective approach may be to treat Alzheimer's the way we treat cancer -- through early detection and treatment, before it has a chance to spread", said Dr. Scott Small, the study's co-author.

As per an official data, people living with Alzheimer's have increased to a large number. The expected count is around 36 million people across the globe. This is a high time now that a cure should be found out of this neurodegenerative disease.


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