Drug Abuse is a Health Issue, Says Sir Richard Branson

Richard-BransonAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that the business tycoon Sir Richard Branson, who is also a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, has said that the government should change its attitude towards drug abuse.

Branson was present at a Home Affairs Select Committee, where he spoke that the government should look drug abuse as a health problem rather than looking it as a criminal offence. He further affirmed that if the government would not alter its thinking in this regard, then there is a possibility that it would make same mistake which it committed in regard to alcohol some 20 years ago.

The drug abuse in the UK is increasing like a wild fire and it has only solution that it should be treated as a health issue which would help experts to come forth and help addicts to give up their ill habit. There are many things which the government could do to bring down the increasing number, said Branson.

The UK should do exactly the same as done by Portugal when it was suffering from the same issue. They also changed their approach towards drug abuse and took it as a health issue, due to which the number of drug addicts dropped by 50% in the country.

All the methods which the UK has taken till date to overcome drug abuse have flopped. So, it is high time now that they should try Branson’s method to bring down the increasing number. One of the things that could be done is to introduce some new guidelines like low-level street dealers could be spared jail.

Branson said, “By actually moving drugs into the health department and not in the Home Office, if people have a problem, just like in Portugal, they should go in front of a panel to help them”.