9-inch baby finally goes home with mum

9-inch baby finally goes home with mumMelinda Star Guido, who weighed merely 9.5oz (270g) and measured only eight & three-quarter inches in length, has finally gone home with her mother after spending roughly five-month period in an incubator.

The caesarean section of the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center had delivered Melinda Star Guido 16 weeks early last summer.

Since then, the baby has nearly quadrupled in size, and her weight increased to 4.5lbs. Doctors said her brain and eyes are developing well.

Before getting discharged from hospital, she also passed a hearing test and a car seat test, which is necessary for premature babies to pass before getting discharged.

Doctors said it was enough progress to let her go home. However, she is still breathing through an oxygen tube as a precaution.

When contacted, Melinda’s 22-year-old mother, Haydee Ibarra, said, "I'm happy that I'm finally going to take her home. She's a little miracle to me."

At the time of birth, Melinda was the smallest surviving baby in the US, and the third-smallest baby in the world.

Rumaisa Rahmam, who took birth in 2004, is the world's tiniest survivor. At birth Rahmam weighed merely 9.2oz, but now he is a healthy seven-year-old.