Revised Autism Definition Excludes 25% Newly Diagnosed Children: Report

AutismA new study has proposed a new definition for autism which has sparked controversy and has raised concerns among parents and many experts. If the proposed changes are being made to the American Psychiatric Association’s definition, then about 25% newly diagnosed with milder form of autism would get excluded from the list.

Autism which is also known as Asperger syndrome is a neurological disease which creates difficulties for a person while speaking. Parents have got really concerned about the matter, as they fear that if the policies would get stricter, then their children would not be able to access autism treatments which are now freely available to them.

One of the mothers who has five-year-old autistic child shared that her son has been receiving play therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral therapy. All these therapies have helped him a lot and they could even feel the difference as earlier he used to be totally unresponsive, but now he reacts to things.

It is quite natural for parents to have concerns about their children. But they might have a tough time to convince the authorities concerned that they should suspend the proposed move. As per the reports, the proposed definition would get effective by 2013. But, before this, a broad discussion would take place where advantages and disadvantages of the proposal would be considered.

Dr. David J. Kupfer, who is Chairman of the task force making the revisions, said that the definition can be changed. It is not final yet and parents need not worry, as they would ensure that children suffering from autism are being given complete diagnostic check up.

“Having a diagnosis helps people understand why we process thoughts and emotions differently and make positive changes”, said Michael John Carley, who is Director of the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership.