Support Can Help You Go Smoke-Free

Support Can Help You Go Smoke-FreeSmoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the US. But then also, it does not get that much attention which it should. It is not that the people in the US are not willing to quit smoking, but they need a support which is hard to get as everybody has gone in finding solution to other lifestyle-related problems such as obesity.

If due attention is given, then about seven in 10 smokers are ready to leave smoking. But, they do not get that support. Every year, smokers try to stick to their resolutions, but when they do not get support they leave this journey in the mid.

If they would have got that needed support, then it is said that about 20% smokers would have left smoking, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the US, about half-a-million people die due to smoke-related illnesses. But, it is so strange to happen in the country which has answer to each and problem.

There are many illnesses which can happen due to smoking, in addition to the conventional lung cancer. Some of the many problems are heart attack, mouth cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. But, there are few people who know about it as they knew nothing about the ill effects of smoking.

It has become important that the government should take some measures to make aware people about the probable harms about smoking. More than that, they should shift their focus from obesity and should start some support groups so smoker who join them or contact could get much needed help to quit smoking.

The support can be of any type such as support groups, medication, counseling and exercises which could help smokers to remain at bay from those deadly nicotine cravings.


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