Aspirin Therapy for Heart Disease, Stroke Prevention Not for Everyone

AspirinAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a large number of people who, much to their delight and good fortune, have never suffered any sort of heart stroke or attack are in a habit of taking an aspirin a day with the intent of lowering their susceptibility to such events.

While a few of them can end up reaping a whale of pros from their practice of using aspirin, a recently concluded study has revealed that it can prove highly detrimental for a large number of people.

In this regard, a recently concluded study has claimed that the benefits of using aspirin on a daily basis seems to be prevailing over by a highly ballooned threat related to potentially critical diseases and in extreme cases, their habit of using an aspirin a day can even result in life-threatening bleeding.

During the course of their study, the researchers studied details from nine wide-ranging studies, counting three studied that have been published since 2007. The studies were mainly based on data gathered after following participants for around six years.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, the lead author of the study, Kausik K. Ray, said: “The benefits of aspirin therapy are clear for patients who have a history of heart attack or stroke. This is not the case, however, for patients who may have risk factors for [heart disease and stroke] but have no such history”.

Though it has been claimed that Aspirin therapy was not allied to a decrease in the frequency of deaths down to stroke and heart attack, it was linked to a noteworthy rise in the possibilities of bleeding. The analysis considered in excess of 100,000 individuals, who had suffered a stroke or heart attack, from Europe, Japan and the United States.