Tobacco Kills Faster Than Marijuana: Report

 ReportIt has been recently revealed in a report that Marijuana, might tend to be less harmful to the lungs, as compared to the damage done by tobacco. According to a study conducted by the team from the University of California from San Francisco, it was revealed that tobacco might tend to be more harmful and the cause of more diseases and ill health, than marijuana.

In this research, there were more than 5000 people taken into account for more than 20 years. There are thousands of deaths occurring in the world due to tobacco. Smoking kills many people, through lung diseases as well as other respiratory disorders.

As for marijuana, it doesn’t seem to have as devastating effects as tobacco have. The reports are of the view that tobacco might result in many fatalities each year, whereas marijuana has fewer cases of the same.

“We found exactly what we thought we would find in relation to tobacco exposure: a consistent loss of lung function with increasing exposure,” “We were, however, surprised that we found such a different pattern of association with marijuana exposure”, said Mark Pletcher, Associate Professor in the Division of Clinical Epidemiology at UCSF.

It is essential that people understand how slowly and steadily habits like smoking grip one and then tend to kill a person slowly. There are a number of diseases such as the pulmonary obstruction and lung cancer that might result in a very painful death for people. It is essential that one quits the awful habit as soon as possible, otherwise it will tend to ruin their health and lives in the long run.

The government needs to put a firm foot forward in this regard so that people can be made more aware about the risk they are putting themselves to.


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