Dine Out, and Still Lose Weight!

Dine Out, and Still Lose Weight! If you are keen to have dinners out but could not plan them as per your wishes because of fears of consuming larger portions of high calories then relax, and plan your dinners out without any such fear.

This has been claimed definitely possible with the help of a newer study, which is suggesting that a person despite eating out in restaurants frequently can still lose weight.

Researchers actually ran a study over 35 middle-aged women to know the results of dining out and, to know how they can still lose weight as they wish. They noticed that despite eating out, if women follow six weeks regular of weight gain prevention program, they will lose more weight as compared to the women who don’t follow weight lose program.

During the programme, the researchers made the entire group of women, box up half of their meal before they started eating while they were dining out. Also, they made sure that women carefully learned the calorie information on restaurants' websites prior moving in for their dinner, along with other advice.

“Being able to control and manage what you eat is useful”, said lead author Ms. Gayle Timmerman, a nurse who studies eating patterns and weight in women at the University of Texas. “But you need some knowledge and skills in order to do that”.

The results of the study have been published in January 10 in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Knowing the fact that today people are spending far more than earlier on eating food out, the researchers are trying their best to get some new ways with which they enable people to follow today’s trend as well as remain fit by restricting consumption of any extra calories.