Excessive Video Gaming Can Drag You to Depression

Excessive Video Gaming Can Drag You to DepressionA recent study has revealed that excessive video game players suffer from anxiety and depression. The study carried out by the researchers from Victoria University is said to be taken out at a global level.

Video gaming researcher Daniel Loton said that some of parameters of their study were academic results, relationships and physical and mental health in excessive gamers. According to the study, an excessive gamer is the one who play video games for more than 33 hours a week and the stable player is the one who restricts to 21 hours a week.

When both the groups were compared on the above given parameters then it was found that excessive gamers are not able to handle an intrinsic situation. Not only this, they are not able to overcome their anger in comparison to balanced gamers.

It is however possible those excessive video game players do not give much time to solve real life problems, as they are indulged in playing games. This could be the reason for them to be not able to overcome stress, depression and other problems.

Irrespective of the problems they face in their personal lives, no negative effect was found at work level, said Loton. One thing that has still to be determined is that the mental level excessive video game players have is from the times when they started playing video games or they have from a long time.

Loton said, "Both groups averaged levels of stress, anxiety, and depression well above norms reported in past studies. But most alarming was that excessive gamers scored more than half the maximum measure for each and enough to determine clinical significance". The study is said to take more time to reach at some firm conclusion, he added.


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