Faulty Breast Implants in France Come Under the Scanner

Breast-ImplantsFollowing the growing cases of faulty breast implants it is now being sought necessary to keep a track of the women going through breast implants. Recently, the authorities of France raised concern over the breast implants performed by using industry silicone.

It is believed that by keeping a tab over the women going though breast implant, a record over the cases of leak and inflammation can be maintained. The risk factors in breast implants have always existed. But nothing much has been done till know to deal with it.

Individual countries of Europe has tried to keep a record of the complications arousing in breast implants but soon they also starts neglecting the complications it is necessary to maintain a tab over the complications being felt by the women after going through breast implant.

The authorities of France have highlighted that faulty breast implant can lead to cancer. However, the claims of the authorities have been denied by the authorities of Britain. The French Government has asked 30,000 women who had breast implants using industry silicone to get their implanted breasts removed.

However, women who are least interested in getting their implanted breast removed should get them checked after six months. Dr. Caroline Glicksman, a New Jersey-based surgeon has also recommended that registry of women going through breast implants in necessary. She said, “A registry is valuable. When an implant deflates or things go wrong, it's very important to have because these are not life-long devices”.

These days, breast implants have become a trend among young women. Moreover, clinics are also taking up the opportunity to maximize their profits. But it is necessary for women to understand that breast implants can be dangerous if industry or faulty silicone is used.


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