Omega Three Fatty Acid Good for Brain Functioning

Omega Three Fatty Acid Good for Brain FunctioningRecent research that got published in the Journal Neurology has revealed that consumption of more fats leads to shrinkage of brain which is generally associated with problem known as Alzheimer's disease.

The Lead author, Dr. Gene Bowman said there is good news also for those who eat diet rich in omega three fatty acids. It is said that its consumption improves memory and maintains proper blood flow in brain. However, consumption of diets rich in C and E, B and D increases the size brain.

In order to reach at conclusion, in total 104 people were enrolled. All were healthy elderly people with few of them having smoking habit. Series of tests were taken such as assessing blood samples to know consumption of nutrients.

After blood tests, MRI scans were being conducted to know changes in three parts of brain due to multi-vitamin consumption. Those three parts were cognitive function, total brain volume and white matter changes.

Test reports revealed that those who consume more of Trans fat suffers from reduced brain volume and also have memory retention problem as well as difficulties in speaking and learning.

However, those who consume omega three fatty acids diet performs better while solving complex problems, their memory retention is also good and they are basically multi-task performers.

Bowman said, “We know in Alzheimer's disease that total brain atrophy [shrinkage] is accelerated com-pared to people of the same age and same gender that don't have Alzheimer's disease”.

Not many studies have been done as yet to know the relation between Trans fat and brain function. Bowman thinks said if he is not wrong then his study is the first one to deeply study the effect of it and other nutrients on brain and its vessels. He concluded by saying that people should avoid processed food.

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