Microsoft, PE Firm Reworking on Yahoo Stake

Microsoft, YahooWe have recently heard from an unidentified inner source that a group of people from three different firms are actually reworking on Yahoo stake.

The news covers private equity group Silver Lake, software giant Microsoft Corp and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, consortium of which is in talks for reworking and reconsidering their bid to get a minority stake in Yahoo Inc.

Rumors are also saying that after firing CEO Mr. Carol Bartz in September, Yahoo board is still trying hard to find an appropriate personality to serve as a permanent replacement for the post.

Thus, talks have dragged the new offer, on which Silver Lake's consortium is working presently to maintain a stake of 10 to 15 percent in Yahoo after the company asked for improved terms, being the affect of same news saying Yahoo finding its new, world-class chief executive that the consortium would support.

The above news have been recently confirmed on Friday by the Wall Street Journal, which has clearly mentioned in its report about the private equity firms that were initially seeking to acquire under 20% of Yahoo are now reworking on new offers to get a smaller stake and that too at a higher per-share valuation.

"As previously announced, the board is evaluating various alternatives as part of its comprehensive strategic review process, all of which are designed to enhance shareholder value and promote growth and innovation at Yahoo”, a Yahoo spokesman said.

To confirm the above news, representatives had tried contacting Silver Lake and Microsoft but both the companies have declined to comment whereas an Andreessen Horowitz spokeswoman could not immediately be reached for comment.


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