National Screening Unit under Scanner

National Screening Unit under ScannerFollowing complaints over effectiveness of the National Screening Unit of New Zealand, a review over it has been called for. It has been informed that in the month of January, Sally Urry, the Clinical Director of Counties Manukau breast screening programme wrote a warning letter to Health Minister Tony Ryall.

In the letter, Sally Urry expressed concerns over the working of BreastScreen Aotearoa programme. Sally Urry pointed out in the letter that the resignation of nine senior staff members from the National Screening Unit would put the programme at risk.

After receiving the letter, Tony Ryall immediately called for an investigation. Two reviews were called by the Health Minister. For proper review, a separate committee was established which revealed the findings of the reviews in separate reports.

The report issued in August highlighted that soon after the resignation of senior staff; the working of National Screening Unit received some setbacks. Moreover, the lack of senior staff has put the health of breast cancer patients at high risk.

It has come to light that the senior staff who resigned has not yet been replaced. It is important to fill the vacancies so that specialized treatment could be provided to patients. In the absence of senior staff, any clinic is likely to make blunders.

It is necessary to ensure the safety of breast cancer patients. Breast cancer is a deadly disease which affects millions of women all over the world. Early diagnosis and treatment is the only way of saving lives. The review over National Screening Unit has recommended that staff of the National Screening Unit should be well trained so that they could provide effective treatment to cancer patients.