Muslim Cleric Outlaws "Erotic" Fruits for Women: Weird or Wise?

 Weird or Wise?As per recent reports, it has been revealed a Europe-based Islamic cleric has recently recommended women to stay away from certain fruits and vegetables such as cucumber and bananas. The advice has mainly been given since the shapes of these fruits and vegetables can allegedly kindle 'sexual thoughts' in the eves.

The Islamic cleric claimed that vegetables such as cucumber, which give the impression of male 'sex organ', are not recommended for use by women. As per the advice, a third party can be used for cutting these vegetables before serve them to women. He further added that vegetables like courgette and carrot must be kept away from women. He claimed that in case women in a family are fond of eating such vegetables then male members of the family must take the responsibility of cutting them serving to the females for consumption.

Following the comments made by the Islamic cleric, various high-profile people from Muslim community have strictly condemned the Islamic cleric for making such weird and apparently meaningless comments.

It’s highly imperative to those who deem the Muslim faith for distancing themselves from almost all things, counting images, items and people, which could potentially result in provoking sexual thoughts.

Well, it is, at least as per an undisclosed Islamic cleric, based in Europe, who is only referred to as a sheikh. In an interview meant for a religious publication known as el-Senousa, this cleric has tipped off Muslim females not to get anywhere near foodstuffs such as carrots, bananas, cucumbers and zucchini so as to thwart any sort of possibilities of inducing carnal feelings.

Though the cleric was not able to offer guidance on measures by which women can curb women at the time of shopping close to produce, he merely stated that it was among them and God.


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