Traffic Light System Refused

Traffic Light System RefusedIt was recently revealed that the food labeling system that was proposed by the health groups was rejected by the food ministers of the nation. This has caused disappointment in the proposers of the system. This system was supposed to be simple and understandable for the people of the nation.

This would be a three colored labeling system that would clearly mark the types of food items. This would differentiate the fat-rich food from the healthy one and help people in making better choices for themselves and their families.

On the other hand the Federal Government is of the view that this traffic light system wouldn’t be viable according to the needs of the industry, and this is why they did not agree to it.

This system was proposed in wake of helping the growing rates of obesity in the nation. The people of the nation are becoming less concerned about their health every day, and this is causing them to put on lots of weight.

This is spreading like an epidemic, in people from all social and age groups. There is need to bring down the levels of obesity in the nation as it leads to a number of diseases.

However, the Government reassured that they are putting pregnancy warnings on alcohol, but this traffic light system is not agreed upon. This could’ve been a very efficient way for the people for differentiating between healthy and unhealthy food choices, and they could opt for fat full or free food, by simply taking a glance at the packing.

“The fox has been left guarding the henhouse. The forum has failed to make the big decisions to combat obesity and poor food choices in this country”, revealed Steve Hambleton, of the Australian Medical Association.


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