Movember Ends after an All Fine Duty

Movember Ends after an All Fine DutyWe all are well familiar with the fact that November, since many years, is being celebrated as Movember. During the month, a campaign is run worldwide to make more and more people aware about the dangerous prostate cancer and raise maximum funds to help treating the same.

This year, the participation of clean-shaven men in the campaign was a big hit and proof of the same is the help that the campaign is still receiving from people worldwide. Movember is celebrated with men embracing the lost art of moustaches and sporting modes from the pencil-thin Errol Flynn version to the coiffed homage to Ming the Merciless.

In this years’ event, approximately 850,000 men (almost double the last year's registration) from London to Singapore shaved carefully around their top lip to celebrate Movember, and for participating in the globally run campaign of raising awareness and cash for prostate cancer.

First Movember was celebrated 8 years ago in Australia and since then, the month is celebrated each year to fulfill the purpose. Today, the campaign is not only celebrated in Australia but it has also become a big hit in Canada, Britain, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa as well as it is winning fans in the Middle East and Asia.

Britain saw many popular faces in the event, including Formula One driver Jenson Button, English footballer Peter Crouch and actor Stephen Fry.

According to the confirmations received from the organizers of the event, this year's campaign has so far raised £48.4 million ($75.2 million, 56.4 million Euros) worldwide and is still receiving donations from people.

“I was going for a handlebar. I'm quite pleased”, said Alexander Jordan, a 23-year-old freelance photographer, who was sporting a neat and tidy moustache running along his top lip and down to his chin.


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