Gas Prices are Right on Money

Gas-PricesGiving you an update over the average retail gasoline prices, which in New Hampshire, have fallen 4 cents per gallon in the past week. Average gallon price on Sunday in the region was $3.26 per gallon. The fall has also been witnessed in the prices per gallon in Maine, which is now 2.6 cents less than last week’s average of $3.37.

On calculating the above figures, it was found that the national average of the prices has fallen by 2.6 cents per gallon in the last week to $3.29, said the gasoline price website.

The new changes in gas prices in New Hampshire during the past week have bought down the prices, which as on Sunday stood at 31.5 cents per gallon (higher than the price of gallon on same day one year ago and 12.3 cents per gallon lower than the figure of a month earlier).

The average was also found 12.7 cents per gallon lower than last month’s figure but good point was that the price per gallon was still 27.3 cents higher than the same day prices of last year. On the other hand, the figures showcased a decrease of 13.9 cents per gallon in the national average during the last month, which still stands 35.5 cents per gallon higher than this day’s figure of a year earlier.

“Even as oil and gasoline futures rallied after strong Black Friday sales reports and a drop in unemployment, retail gasoline prices have moved lower”, according to Senior Petroleum Analyst Mr. Patrick DeHaan.

“I have a suspicion that as we near 2012, we may see retail prices climb slightly higher again on upbeat holiday spending, which is indicative of a healthier economy”, DeHaan added.

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