JT Wang Briefs Ultrabook Laptop

J-T-WangOn Saturday, the Chairman of Acer Inc, J. T. Wang notified that during the coming five years, Ultrabook laptop specifications will make their place in the mainstream model for tablet PCs as well as notebooks.

Soon after the opening ceremony of this year’s IT Month Exhibition organized at the Hall 1 and Hall 3 of the Taipei World Trade Center. On Saturday, the company organized a press conference. Speaking at the occasion, Wang expressed confidence that the Ultrabooks will surely boost the Taiwan’s information technology sector.

In order to back the statement, he referred to several users, particularly from the IT sector of the country which tends to make use of Wintel frameworks, and claimed that the launch of the Ultrabook will surely push the Wintel system to a better level. On the other hand, a number of personal computers that support Wintel systems are also observed to make best use of Intel processors with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

In addition, J. T. Wang also claimed that the introduction of Ultrabooks will fade the differences between laptops and tablets, and he notified that IT industry is attempting to swap from developed countries to emerging markets, globally, because of slow growth.

Brazil, Russia, India and China, Vietnam and Indonesia can be considered as some of the emerging markets with abundant possibilities of growth and manufacturing as well as consumption growth potential.

During the last month, the Chief Executive Officer of Intel, Paul Otellini emphasized on the need of policies that can stimulate the chipmakers for accelerating the reduction in the cost of touch in order to achieve $699 and $799 price points. According to the reports, Intel has decided to work directly with the peripheral manufacturers for spurring Ultrabook momentum during the coming years.