HTC to Regain its Long-Lost Dominance

HTC to Regain its Long-Lost Dominance  HTC has not lost its battle yet, said CFO Winston Yung. Not much time has passed when it was being criticized for its Q4.

They said it is been for long time that they are being compared with Nokia. Yung said he would like to take a stand here and would like to clarify that HTC not by any chance is following Nokia.

They have some exciting offers that have been lined up for the next year, and they are sure that these devices would surely earn them their long lost position in smart phone market.

Yung, while talking about his next year coming projects, was of the view that he is quiet confident that HTC would be able to sweep the market with these yet-to -be launched products.

Yung said, “Other than new LTE phones for the U.S. market, we also have phones for the global market. We will launch some worldwide flagship products. We’re confident in them”.

He said he is not able to understand that how could even people compare them with Nokia as there is no doubt that their shares are also falling consistently, but not to the level of Nokia. At least they are not struggling to survive like Nokia is doing, said Yung. Efforts are being done to improve the condition and those efforts are showing results as well. By far now, HTC has made six quarters improvement and by the end of this year they would be able to ship 45 million units.

Yung said last year they were able to ship 25 million units but this year, the amount is almost doubt. So, they are moving ahead whether slow, but are moving ahead.

Experts said it was high time now for HTC to act and it is good that they have acted and that too with force. For long, HTC was bearing the brunt on several grounds. It also lost some patents and also got shocks on hardware fronts. But no more, it has been thinking of novel ideas to regain that stardom.


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