Nurses Warn against Aged Care Migration

Nurses Warn against Aged Care MigrationAccording to reports, a new review has revealed that soon the nursing and care personnel would depart the aged care labor force if the Gillard government immediately addresses the long-discussed wages gap, which, from a long time, has been experienced across the sector.

However, the surprising movement came into straight after Julia Gillard, an important official from the government, settled to offer $2 billion to end the wages gap for society workers.

Meanwhile, the campaign comes on the same date when the Fair Work Australia is also anticipated to heed a request from Victorian hospitals and the state Government to conclude the ANF's manufacturing deeds on the grounds that it was becoming the chief reason behind the public protection dangers.

In the meantime, the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) last week commenced the online survey of aged care workers and the poll was an important part of its national `Because We Care' movement, which was intended at setting up the Australia's under-resourced elderly care division.

About the question asking will you depart the aged care personnel if the Gillard government does not shut the salary gap? Surprisingly, 77% of elderly care personnel reacted in a positive manner.

On the other hand, the reported information also highlighted the fact that about 12% of the surveyed participants admitted that they were not confident whether they would leave, and further 10% affirmed that they would not be leaving the sectors at any cost.

Sharing his views about these poll findings, Lee Thomas, the ANF Federal Secretary said that if the government wants to recruit about 20,000 extra nurses to lessen the increasing requirement of Australia's ageing population, then they immediately need to fill these wide salary gaps because no worker would be continuing their works with these salary debates.


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