US To Bring Changes in the Packaging of Tobacco

US To Bring Changes in the Packaging of TobaccoIn the past few months, the whole world was shocked when the New Zealand revealed its plan of introducing plain packaging for cigarettes. The concept of plain packaging is based upon the belief of the government that it will discourage smokers from having it.

Following the footsteps of New Zealand, the US court has decided to bring changes in the packaging of cigarettes. It has been reported that the US is planning to ban the display of graphic over the package of cigarettes.

It is for the first time in the last 25 years when the US authorities have taken serious step of bringing changes in the packaging of tobacco and cigarettes. As per the changes, the graphic showing the ill effects of cigarettes will be banned from next year's September. It is hoped that the efforts of the government would help in saving innocent lives from the ill effects of tobacco.

Instead of cigarette packages carrying graphic warnings, they will be carrying word warnings. Moreover, the font size of the warnings will be enlarged and the graphics would be given only 20% of the space on the packaging.

It has further been recommended that the graphics over the packaging should be colorful so that it catches the attention of the consumer. He warning over the package would be presented at both front and back side of the package.

However, criticizing the decision taken by the US court, the tobacco manufacturers have alleged the government of forcing the tobacco manufacturer to promote anti smoking campaign. Neglecting the woes of the tobacco manufacturers, Nick Papas a spokesperson of f White House said, "Tobacco companies shouldn't be standing in the way of common sense measures that will help prevent children from smoking. We are confident big tobacco's attempt to stop these warnings from going forward will ultimately fail".


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