Measles Vaccine is Must, Says HMO Nesdale

Measles Vaccine is Must, Says HMO NesdaleIncreasing number of measles cases has made Medical Officer of Health, Annette Nesdale, to make an announcement for Wellington people. She has announced that those who have not received vaccination should take it immediately, and those who are dilemma should also take it.

Fifth case of infection has got registered in Wellington. As per Annette, the city would witness an increase in the number of cases. Stark change has been witnessed, as generally children are at great risk to incur the infection. But, all the fives cases who have got measles in Wellington are between 19 and 42.

Annette said that series of incidents have put across a thought that measles is not associated with children alone, as it could affect anyone irrespective of the age.

Stress of vaccination is given on babies and students, as baby body is too weak to fight any infection and could cause them to die. Student work hard to perform well in exams and if they caught infection at this time, their whole year would get waste.

Another announcement was also made by Annette, in which she highlighted the importance of MMR dose. She was of the view that infection could occur to anybody, irrespective of his vaccine status. Citing an example, she said that those who got afflicted with vaccine, has either taken partial vaccine or do not remember the dosage. Therefore, it is very important that if one is confused over the dosage, he should get vaccinated.

Health Department has increased initial age limit, and has extended from 15 months to 12 months. It is very important that Wellington natives should follow the guidelines, as the infection could spread to other regions as well.

Auckland has the highest number of cases in NZ, with 200 confirmed cases of measles.