Measles Threatening Wellington

Measles Threatening WellingtonWellington hasn’t yet overcome the threat of measles. Recently, another suspect, a child, under the age of five, was diagnosed with measles. Till date, five cases of measles have been reported in Wellington. Annette Nesdale, Medical Officer of Health, said that the disease is likely to come along with the people visiting Wellington from Auckland, as around 200 people have been found suffering from measles in Auckland since May.

Red eyes, fever and cough are some early signs of measles. The disease could easily spread through air, so one should avoid coming in contact with a person diagnosed with the disease. People who have come in contact with any person suffering from measles are advised to consult their physicians as soon as possible. Suggestions regarding the preventive methods of the disease are being provided by specialists at different health centers.

Doctors also propose that people should confirm the reliability of their vaccinations for immunity against measles, reason being the case of a person diagnosed with measles, who was not sure about his immunization against the disease.

A recent case of illness of an employee at city gelato café Kaffee Eis, who was kept in isolated after being diagnosed is being said to have almost recovered. In this context the Public Health Officials, said that the condition is under control and people need not worry because neither of the recent cases are related with the previous local cases.

Measles is a communicable disease. People have to be more conscious about their immunization against the disease and they should avoid coming in contact with any infected person. Vaccines are available in market, which are capable of providing immunity against measles. The people who notice any symptoms of the disease shall consult the doctor and stay in isolation so as to prevent the disease from spreading further.