Coyotes Cloned in South Korea

Coyotes Cloned in South KoreaIt has been revealed in a recent report that a stem cell scientist from South Korea has been able to clone an endangered coyote species. This is according to a project funded by the provincial government. The name of the scientist is Han-Woo-suk and he has successfully cloned an endangered species, with the help of his research and development.

He has cloned as many as 8 coyotes and has now donated them to a wildlife protection centre situated in Pyeongtaek in the south of Seoul. He did so by transferring the somatic nuclei from a donor coyote into the eggs of a dog. He has been applauded for his great contribution in the field of wildlife preservation in these times, where there are so many endangered and extinct species in the world.

He is the same man responsible for the successful cloning in humans. He is a man of great knowledge and scientific expertise and has immensely contributed towards the growth and development of science.

The coyotes were donated in a ceremony held for the recognition of the scientist and was presided over by Kim-Mon-Soo the governor of Gyeonggi province.

The province is of the view that after these coyote cubs grow a little to become healthy, they shall be sent to various zoos in the vicinity for their care and growth. There is need for preservation of threes near-extinct animals, so that they aren't totally wiped off the face of the earth. In this scenario, Dr. Woo-Suk has played a very praiseworthy role.