DHB in Driving Seat in Queenstown?

DHB in Driving Seat in Queenstown?National Health Board panel’s suggestions to enhance public hospital services initiated the development plans of the proposed $25 million community health village but it seems that Queenstown GPs are not in favor of same.

The above fact is following a three-year-old issue, when Queenstown GPs and some other investors urged the concerned authorities to approve resource consent to them for a hospital situated on the Remarkables Park site, near Queenstown airport (New Zealand Doctor, 19 November 2008).

According to those plans, GPs and investors were in a favor of building a health village around a Southern Cross hospital to facilitate affected people with general practice, appearance medicine clinic and many other health services. But with the above news and the new recommendations of NHB, it seems that the three year old project could face some troubles here.

One of the investors, Queenstown Medical Centre GP Mr. Hans Raetz has recently marked in his statement pointing towards the new proposal that working on their project does not looks a viable option if Southern DHB develops its own hospital site and services.

"If that's the case, then clearly the DHB is in the driving seat," Dr. Raetz says. He further added in his statement that for some time they will wait and see where DHB heads, does it makes good on all its promises and take up the NHB panel's recommendations or some other step makes it way ahead in future.