Measles Strikes Twice in Wellington

Measles Strikes Twice in WellingtonYet another case was confirmed for measles in Wellington and by this, the number of cases in the region has reached two. Recent case is of a person working at Kaffee Eis, a place known for its gelatos and coffee.

He was not aware of the infection and continued working. Regional Public Health was of the view that he would have visited other places as well, and there are chances that he might have caused the disease to spread.

Karl Tiefenbacher, the owner of Kaffee Eis, was of the view that there is no need to panic, as they have contacted regional public health officers who are in contact with his employees, and would let know if there would be any case of infection. For now, the infected youth is kept in isolation.

Health Officer Annette Nesdale said that for now they cannot comment anything as the infected person has gone to several places, and they are investigating each and every place where he went. Annette further asserted that if any person has gone to the café or the Les Mills Extreme Gym then he should approach a doctor and get tested.

It was very important to get tested as Auckland has seen the wide spread of the disease, and both the above places are said to be entertaining lot of rush. Annette advised that immunization would only help in protecting a person and his community from the disease.