The iPhone 4S to come with Micro-USB adaptor in Europe

AppleApple devices can now be charged without Apple’s proprietary white cable, thanks to launch of a new micro-USB adaptor that will go on sale next week alongside the new iPhone 4S.

The iPhone micro-USB adaptor will allow users to charge their Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by borrowing a colleague's or a friend’s charger cable.

Previously, iPhones, iPads or iPod Touchs could be charged only using proprietary 30-pin connection. But, Apple agreed to introduce the micro-USB after the industry regulators forced it to do so.

European Union regulators last year ruled that Apple must comply with a common phone charging standard for the European consumers, adding that the standard in question would be Micro-USB.

It may be noted here that Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile phone devices already allow users to charge their devices with the help of standard Micro-USB.

But, now Apple devices’ users can also charge their phones, tablets or all that from a computer even if they have not got the plug.

The iPhone micro-USB adaptor has been priced at £8, and it will hit store shelves next week. But, the new adaptor will not be launched in Australia.