A ‘super broccoli’ that protects heart, prevents cancers

broccoliUsing conventional breeding techniques, scientists in the UK have developed what supposedly is a ‘super broccoli’ – a broccoli which can protect the heart as well as prevent cancers --- thanks largely to its abundance of glucoraphanin, a health-boosting nutrient!

Called Beneforte, the new strain of broccoli – which has been developed by a research team the Institute of Food Research and John Innes Centre in Norwich – has three times the amount of glucoraphanin as normal broccoli; though the outward appearance of the normal and the ‘super broccoli’ is by and large the same.

The abundance of glucoraphanin in Beneforte is highly beneficial because, going by earlier studies, the protein can play a vital role in protecting against heart disease and some types of cancers, as it gets converted into a compound called sulphoraphane.

According to the scientists, the conversion of glucoraphanin into sulphoraphane is notably advantageous because it brings about a reduction in inflammation which can trigger heart attacks; stalls uncontrolled cell division connected with early stage cancer; and improves the level of anti-oxidants that fight disease.

The ‘super broccoli’ – priced at les than two pounds a pack - is now available in the UK at Marks & Spencer.

Noting that the “has given new insights into the role of such vegetables for health,” lead researcher Richard Mithen said that the ‘super broccoli’ would apparently pave the way for “potentially more nutritious varieties of our familiar vegetables”!


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